Rice is one of the oldest cultivated crop where is originated from India and China in south east Asia. Rice is the staple food for more than half of the global population and the second most important cereal after wheat.
Turkey has very suitable climatic conditions for rice production. If there is water for irrigation, rice can grow all regions of Turkey. The rice production in Turkey has been growing for a decade. The increase in production has been resulted from combined effect of the increase in area rice cultivated and the increase in yield which was 44% from 2000 to2010.
However, there are, many problems associated with rice such as choosing variety, obtaining rice production licenses, planting, cultivating, irrigating, applying pesticides, harvesting, marketing, i.e we have problems from field to fork.
Rice growing is important activity for Düzce because its vast amount of irrigation possibilities and or suitability of land although Düzce has less acreage for rice production and small surface area. The “Konuralp Rice” is site-specific and called as “The Rice of Ottoman Court Kitchen”, which makes it important with regarding to either cultural value or biological diversity not only for Düzce but also for Turkey. The local population and growing Konuralp rice should be protected because of its special taste assumed and conserve the culture of “Kasaba Pilaf” which is a local dish from rice.
This workshop will discuss the relationship between world and Turkey in subject of rice production. On the other hand it will be platform for protection, development, production and marketing for local values and especially for Konuralp rice. In this workshop; local, national and global perspective will be combination of international participation. People from all branches of agriculture, the environment, economy and culture, as well as folk of Düzce, administrator and farmers are expected to contribute to this workshop.
Organizing Committee